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CV Ingenuity (acquired by COV)

EPIX Therapeutics (acquired by MDT)


Foresight Mental Health

Protaryx Medical

Serpex Medical

Spirox (acquired by ENTL)

Treeline Biosciences

Verix Health

"I chose to work with Ajax because they know the magic of how to build great healthcare companies, as evidenced by an incredible track record as operators in multiple therapeutic areas over the past two decades. They identify clear areas of unmet need, assemble incredible teams to bring forward meaningful innovation, and drive relentless focus to build shareholder value. They have an operator’s mindset when we encounter problems or see opportunities – they aren’t advising from the sidelines; they are with me in the trenches. A start-up can always be doing 100 things, but only a few of them really matter. They cut through the distractions and focus on what matters to the customer and employees. They are also really fun to work with – they’re all about humility and laughter, which have been infused into the culture of our company."

Neil Hattangadi, M.D.
CEO, Cortica