Our values guide our actions.

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People Focused

We build healthcare companies because we want to bring innovation to bear on what matters most. We are relentlessly focused on improving the lives of those impacted by the disease states our companies address. People come first; everything else is secondary.

Innovation Minded

We pursue paradigm-shifting ideas. We believe solving old problems requires looking at them from new perspectives, so we seek capabilities in unique areas.

Solution Oriented

We cultivate a win-win mentality because sustainable solutions in healthcare must benefit multiple stakeholders. We select and help build technologies that address urgent problems and increase procedure speed, efficacy, and simplicity while reducing cost. We believe that solving problems requires eliminating barriers—barriers that prevent access to resources, stifle collaboration, and stagnate innovation.

Action Biased

We are methodical as we evaluate opportunities and plan a course of action, but we then prioritize movement and activity to support the teams we back. We define the straightest vector to patient benefit and value creation and then move along that vector with velocity.